Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Indian Party

This past weekend I celebrated in Indian style my 34th birthday. In the grey and dark Swedish weather just to imagine India being close is a relief! Here are some pictures to illustrate the warmth we generated from our happy feelings :-)
The absolute star of the party, Adriana, who was working in India for a year ago...

And Indian Hans, as always the cocktail master: this time a light mint julep
Tobe and Jonas
Mi, who looks unusually tiny besides Devin
Two European tourists in our Indian world
The Indian world hinted at above
The loveliest embroidery
Just out of Mumbai
Serving drinks
Safa, Anna, Martin and Anamaria - all very Indian
Both Anna and Adriana have been in India, lots to talk about
Conversations and debates
Around the table
Mattias fits well in this Indian camis
Oh, the moustache!
Nataranja Shiva
All so Indian, again
Bollywood here they come!
Bollywood for real
Do note the socks, please
Very relaxed
Double hello
Midnight happy birthday singers in 3D

Waaay after midnight

1 comment:

livindk1 said...

Hey Anamaria, such a very indian outfits you´ve got! very nice atmosphere, a pit not to be able to attend! stay well.