Monday, March 16, 2009

Sun in the city and outside it

Yesterday was the first real day of spring in Gothenburg. So much sun that my eyes, used to the grey and cloudy days of Lund, were in shock. After the party, we took a boat to one of the many islands outside the city and simply enjoyed a walk by the seaside. Amazing what a little sun can do for one's morale! Now, back in the colorless Lund, the contrast with the beautiful yesterday is even more striking.

Downtown Gothenburg, with its typical church spire and blue tram

Draken, or the Dragon, another landmark
The boats are part of the local public transport network, so to travel 45 minutes into the archipelago costs as much as any bus or tram ride in the city.
Sunny day on the beach (well, it was not all that warm, but still...)
Cute local kid, transported in the local fashion (how many uses for a beer case?)
So much sun, I was completely blinded

Party in Gotheburg

Martin's younger sister, Karin, and her husband, Henrik, have bought a new apartment in Gothenburg and this past weekend we were invited to attend their home-warming party. Here are some pictures illustrating the event.

Chevre cheese balls with chives
Marinated chicken
Dips and veggies
Gratin aux legumes, variant with rosemary (not for me)
Legumes gratinees, variant without rosemary (much better, if you should ask me)
Martin, actively in a conversation

Lots of guests (only some of them on picture)

Egon, the sweetest little dog
The living room of the new apartment

Monday, March 02, 2009

Dublin - bars and landscapes

One of my photo themes was the name plates of bars and pubs. They are full of imagination and color, as you can observe! The second series of pictures covers a trip taken by car towards a beach area on the margins of the city (forgot the name). Very exciting!

Dublin - people

Some pictures from Dublin. We stayed with Irina, Dan and their young daughter Sara. We took walks in and around the city, talked a lot and ate good food - including scones, my favorite English-inspired dish if you can call it so.