Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Splashes of color

I am not sure why, but I blame the grey and sad summer we had this year for my strong thirst for color. As the days remained darker, I dreamed only of sun, of happy colorful places, of blues with tropical intensity. The only refuge from the fog and rain came to me in the shape of flowers - I have managed to gather more than a 100 pictures of various species, mostly taken from that typical Swedish landscape marker, the kolonilott: a place for gardenless apartment inhabitants to grow their own (anything from flowers to apple trees to grape vines).
Here are some splashes of color that made summer standable.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Short trip to Paris

It seems this blog turns more and more into a travel documentary rather than into a day-to-day account of life local. This may have something to do with the lack of dedication and complete laziness of the blog owner, I suspect (insert shameful mine here...).
No matter how lazy though, it is impossible to not write some quick lines about our short trip to Paris this past long weekend. We have the privilege of knowing good friends in the city, and we were lucky to meet all of them this time - there is nothing like catching up with the latest news and preoccupations over wine and cheese, in the good French tradition!
Besides enjoying wonderful culinary experiences (undocumented picturally here, to avoid making the potential reader extremely hungry and perhaps envious of the Parisian gastronomical diversity we enjoyed), we also took the chance to walk leisurely around town and, on Sunday, to drive out and discover the palace of Versailles, or more precisely its French gardens. It was the first time and a good time, because of the perfect weather and then because of the very styled art pieces that were the bosquets. Not to mention the fountains! It was easy to imagine the royality and aristocracy taking an evening walk, or having a romantic or diplomatic meeting along these alleys!
Here are some pictures, to give a taste of how it was; it has been a very tough job to decide which pics to show here, there are so many good views! I may even add some more images later on...)

The Sacre Coeur on a foggy morning, before the turist invasion (and when you think that Magali and Cyril can observe the Sacre Coeur in ALL its variations without leaving their apartment!)

A little boulangerie, closed during the month of August, like many other establishments in Paris

And the greatest most delicious mouthwatering macarons in the whole of Paris, from Ladurée (and we got the chance to eat some of them, not only to admire the window display - thank you Jean-Luc and Fiona!)

An accent of color, in front of one of our favorite cafés at the foot of Montmartre

A waterfountain built in 1872, near Rue Linné

There are numerous variations on this type of table display, I think it is quite pretty

And another green face, this time a grafitti on a small street close to Magali's place

The Versailles - Poseidon and behind him the main building of the palace, with the ballroom of mirrors at the center

At 15:30 the Versailles fountains (here Neptune) came alive with water splashing to the sound of baroque music

And a final view of the palace with a statue gifted by the founders guild to king Louis XIV