Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A surprising appearance

Yes, I thought I should begin the new year with a little surprise: take a look at this picture!

Indeed, this is Martin! I can hardly believe it myself... Sometimes I pass by and I think: who is this man in my kitchen? New year, new look :) !

Happy New Year!

I can hardly believe it, but 2006 is over and a new year already installed itself in our calenders (I still write the wrong date...). I hope this year will be a good and happy one for all of us!

Over the holidays we took off to spend some time with the family and to relax somewhere closer to nature. Christmas was spent, as usual, at Martin's older sister's, and it was a traditional one, in the sense that it was joyous, abundant and totally merry. Here are some pics capturing the atmosphere...

New Year's and the surrounding days were spend in the vacation cottage of the family, located in Värmland close to the southernmost ski resort of Sweden (this means only about 800 km from Lund). It was quiet, dark and unfortunately mostly snowless (which is a total shock in a place where normally at this time of the year there is at least half a meter of snow and -29 degrees). We slept a lot, and had a relaxing time, necessary before the hustle and bustle of real life resumes... Here are some Värmland pictures:

Even in the absence of real snow, we had some artificial snow around (in those days when the abnornal heat did not just melt it all away) and so I had the chance to try for the first time cross-country skiing - I really liked it!!!!! I wish that there will be more snow in general and more snow here in Skåne in particular (this part of Sweden where I live is not known for its skiing facilities of any kind).